Currently, Flagstaff Regional Housing Group offers services in Alliance, Daysland, Forestbug, Galahad, Hardisty, Heisler, Killam, Lougheed, Sedgewick, and Strome. 

  • Supportive Living Lodges – 21 spaces
  • Seniors Self Contained Apartments – 196 spaces


Board of Directors

2013/14 Board Members:

  • Rick Krys, Chair (Town of Killam)
  • Peter Miller, Vice Chair (Village of Forestburg)
  • Susan Armer (Village of Lougheed)
  • Sven Bernard (Village of Heisler)
  • Gerald Kuefler (Flagstaff County)
  • Ed Kusalik (Town of Daysland)
  • Dean Lane (Town of Hardisty)
  • Wade Lindseth (Flagstaff County)
  • Greg Sparrow (Town of Sedgewick)
  • Dell Wickstrom (Village of Alliance)